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Minshuu no Teki

Sato Tomoko (Shinohara Ryoko) leads an ordinary life with her husband Kohei (Tanaka Kei) and young son Shunpei. One day, she defies the rules at the company where she works part-time to supplement the household income, and is fired. Tomoko is in her 40s, a high school dropout and has no qualifications. How is she to get a job? She happens to find out about the huge pay and high winning rate of members of the city, town and village councils through a TV programme. Equating huge pay with family happiness, the foolhardy Tomoko quickly decides to run for the city council. Her rival in the election race is Todo Makoto (Takahashi Issei), who comes from a long line of politicians. Hirata Kazumi (Ishida Yuriko), a former star political journalist at a newspaper and a friend whose child attends the same nursery school, is inspired by Tomoko’s energy and ability to unify people, and becomes her supporter.
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