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Kangoku no Ohimesama

Itabashi Goro (Iseya Yusuke), the handsome company president of a large corporation is kidnapped by five women. Their motive is not immediately clear but it is gradually revealed that he murdered his lover. This plot is to expose the truth and clear the name of the previous company president’s daughter who is still in prison. However, their revenge does not go according to plan and some developments cause occasional panic. Then time rewinds to six years ago when one woman, Baba Kayo (Koizumi Kyoko), entered a newly built women’s prison for the attempted murder of her unfaithful husband. This was where she met Adachi Akemi who possessed illegal drugs; the prison leader Katsuta Chinatsu (Kanno Miho) who hid money to evade huge tax; Daimon Yoko (Sakai Maki) who cheated and embezzled money; and Edogawa Shinobu (Kaho) who committed murder. A stern prison guard and instructor, Wakai Futaba (Mitsushima Hikari), watched over the five of them. She had hated crime all her life and educated them strictly to straighten them out. However, as she came into contact with them, her cold, shuttered heart gradually opened and she was captivated by the feelings of these hopeless but charming women.
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