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Double Fantasy

Popular scriptwriter Takato Natsu (Mizukasa Asami) lives in a house in the suburbs with her husband Shogo (Mashima Hidekazu), a former TV station director, who takes care of the housework. But she comes to dislike his involvement in her work. She is also tired of being encouraged by her mother Kiyoko (Takigawa Yumi) to go for fertility treatment and frequently complains to her close friend Okajima Kyoko (Shinohara Yukiko) about her family. Meanwhile, Natsu is invited by the charismatic theatre director Shizawa Ichirota (Murakami Hiroaki) to his new play and they end up spending the night together. Driven by instinct, she leaves home but is surprisingly neglected by Shizawa. Just when Natsu is feeling lonely, Iwai Ryosuke (Tanaka Kei), who was her ex-boyfriend during university days, shows up. Despite their good time together, she continues to have desires which have not been satisfied. Then, she gets wooed by an up-and-coming actor Obayashi Kazuya (Yanagi Shuntaro) whom she had met in an unexpected way. Will Natsu be happy or lonely?
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