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Amanjaku SP 2018

A professional killer appears with the rain. This man Orikabe Takao (Karasawa Toshiaki), used to be an outstanding surgeon at a university hospital until a betrayal by the professor who was his former teacher, made him become a hit man. He uses his medical knowledge to kill off rogue doctors who have evaded the law, without leaving any traces. Orikabe gets work through his partner, the lawyer Yokokura Yoshimi (Hashizume Isao) who had been the hospital’s advisor. One day, Orikabe receives a request from a junior high school student Urano Misuzu (Sakurada Hiyori) to bring her mother’s new husband Urano Reiya (Okada Koki), a forensic doctor, near death. Her purpose is to extract his reason for killing her younger brother and making it look as if he drowned. Orikabe hesitates to accept her request but Yokokura explains that a fee has already been deposited in advance. It is not an amount that Misuzu is able to pay … … Orikabe investigates the people around Urano. After confirming that Urano has no moral compass and will perform any autopsy for money, he decides to accept Misuzu’s request. Sensing someone behind Misuzu, Orikabe tails her. They arrive at an orphanage and he sees her in a friendly conversation with Hanai Tamaki (Ito Ran), the person in charge of the facility. Tamaki is a volunteer who has been actively saving children with no place to go and has been frequently covered in the media. Orikabe uncharacteristically warms up as he comes into contact with her wonderful personality. At the same time, he meets Kaji Mutsuko (Kimura Tae) who is a doctor at this orphanage. Mutsuko is his former lover whom he has not been able to forget. Orikabe’s encounter with these two women, jump starts time which seemed to have stopped within him. Why did an outstanding surgeon turn into a professional killer? Orikabe’s past along with the huge medical conspiracy surrounding him is revealed.
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