Meishi Game

Kanda Tatsuya kicked down his rivals and went on to become a popular quiz show producer and hit maker. One day, a game of death is started by a mysterious man X all of a sudden. When Kanda wakes up, he realises that he has been confined in a boiler room in the basement with a strange collar around his neck. A large amount of name cards are scattered about the floor. Then he notices that his own daughter Minami has been chained to a wall with the same collar around her neck too. X appears in front of a flustered Kanda and proposes a name card game. Kanda has a two-hour time limit to find the name cards he has received from the three men and women in front of him and return them to the correct owners. If he gets it wrong, his own daughter will be blown up in this cruel game. Kanda takes on the game to save her but in the process, his character and numerous misdemeanours are gradually revealed.
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