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[2017/11/25] [Re: E***] We use x265 to avoid using our raw files for direct streaming (h265 doesn’t work in HTML5) and besides, it helps decrease the file size. For playing h265 files, we strongly recommend you trying this player. About the file size, you can expect that it will be nearly the same as the first ep you’ve downloaded and it will not reach 1 GiB of the file size.
[2017/11/24] TV-Rips section opening plan. [READ MORE]
[2017/11/24] Pop-ads removed.
Here are some words to you guys who are calling us trash, garbage or something dirty like that. Please re-consider about us after reading this.
– This is AOZ team’s official blog.
– This is a self-hosted website, we do need money to operate it. We don’t ask you to pay our server fees, electricity bills, complete surveys to download or anything, just take anything you want and do whatever you want to do. The only thing we do to earn money to keep the website working is to put ads into download links, which can make you guys feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Please accept it. If you can not, use an Adblocker to stop this but you will still need a little bit to pass the Adfly ads to access the download page.
– This website has no viruses, malware scripts. If it does, please prove it by contacting us, we’ll fix it as soon as possible.
– The download speed is unlimited and totally depends on your internet connection. Please stop complaining about it and accept your shitty slow download speed.

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