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Q: What is J-Raws?J-Raws (j-raws.me) is a website with the purpose of sharing its passion and love to people who have interest in Asian dramas in the world. It allows you to download latest Japanese dramas, with its all contents collected from the Internet. It doesn’t host any files on this server and will take no responsibility for the using of raw files taken from this place.

Q: What does it bring to us?

Not many things. But you can find some of your favorite dramas here. Many of them are in 720p HD resolution and suitable for collection.

Q: I can see many files here in 720p HD resolution, but they are not in true HD. They have been re-encoded to a lower quality and are not the original files, right?

It’s true. They are all re-encoded to an appropriate quality that is good enough for people to watch and store them in a very limited space.
If you are a person who loves collecting things, it must be very uncomfortable for you when the things you find are not the original. I know that.
Unfortunately, for some reasons, J-Raws can not share them with you at the moment but may concern about it in a beautiful day.

Original files will be uploaded when there’s a fansub finishing subbing the entire series.
Will be uploaded if the series have an English fansub working on our releases.


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