2018 Drama Winter

Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita

Ogawa Kyoko (Yoshioka Riho) works for the materials division of a lingerie maker. She is nicknamed Kyodoko because of her timidly suspicious behaviour in front of other people due to her extremely low self-esteem. Kyoko wavers between two charming men who have contrasting personalities. One of them is her handsome senior Hoshina Ren (Mukai Osamu) from university. She relied solely on him and clung to him because he was the first to accept her even though he went too far and gave her cruel commands. Kyoko kept her distance for a while. However, he continued contacting her. Her strong dependence on him is resurrected when they meet again at her company. The other man is Yoshizaki Kojiro (Kiritani Kenta), a manga editor. He does not hesitate to aim harsh words at everyone. But beneath this is a kind, sincere man. He is unable to thrust aside Kyoko who comes at him with outrageous speech and behaviour, and unintentionally ends up helping her. Kyoko wonders whether he will be able to change her and is strongly drawn to him. And yet she cannot resist Hoshina’s “clutches”.
Source: JDrama Weblog
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