2018 Drama Winter

Denei Shoujo ~ Video Girl AI 2018

Moteuchi Sho (Nomura Shuhei) is an ordinary high school student who secretly likes his beautiful classmate Shibahara Nanami (Iitoyo Marie). However, she fancies his good friend Furuya Tomoaki (Shimizu Hiroya). Things do not go well both at home and at school. Sho’s parents divorce and he has to stay at the house of his father’s young brother Moteuchi Yota (Totsugi Shigeyuki). One day, Sho discovers an old, damaged videocassette recorder in his uncle’s storeroom. He seems drawn to the recorder and struggles to repair it. Then a video suddenly starts to play and a mysterious girl called Video Girl Ai (Nishino Nanase) appears. She jumps out from the screen and Sho finds himself living together with her…
Source: JDrama Weblog
Nyaa ID: 996270
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