2018 Drama Winter

Bakumatsu Gurume Bushimeshi! 2

Sakata Banshiro (Seto Koji), a cowardly samurai, is visiting Edo in the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate as he takes turns on duty because of his feudal lord’s (Kusakari Masao) processions to and from his alternate residence. He continues to live apart from his family. But unlike his previous naivete, he has a bad feeling for some reason. But of course, Banshiro cannot enjoy. He is stuck with Seinosuke-sama, the damned heir of his lord, and in dire distress. To make things worse, he is sold to a rival domain which is seen as an enemy, for 5 ryo and forced to become a labourer. Furthermore, his lord has given him a secret order to spy on the rival domain and even his wife Suzu (Miyoshi Ayaka) has become entangled in this fight. Banshiro reluctantly has to be a spy. But without martial arts or classical scholarship, his weapon of choice is of course cooking. Will he be able to save the Takano domain with his beloved wife’s cooking which brings her pride?
Source: JDrama Weblog
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