[2018/6/20] SD Download link for Hanadan 2 has been fixed. Thank you for reporting.
[2018/6/17] When this season has ended as we have more free time, we’ll update all the old 2017 dramas. We are also considering about uploading Japanese subtitles from Jpsubbers synced with our raws on next season. Thank you guys for sending us all the kind words.
[2018/6/15] [Re: S***r] We’re glad that you like it <3
[2018/6/15] Dear users, our main encoder is kind of busy this week due to final exam. We apologize for the delay. The current season should be entirely updated this weekend.
[2018/6/9] Reply to all of requests on uploading next season dramas, we are not sure which series we can get, but we’ll try our best to get as many series as we can.
[2018/6/9] [Re: O***n] Definitely yes. We just need some time to re-encode them before release.
[2018/6/8] [Re: M****] Thank you for reporting.
[2018/6/8] Miss Devil will be uploaded within today.
[2018/6/8] [Re: K****] Sorry for making you confused. That’s Koshiji Fubuki Monogatari series.
[2018/6/8] RSS Feed added.
[2018/6/4] [Re: S****] Sorry. That series is dropped.
[2018/6/4] Rabuho no Ueno-san 2 reuploaded on a request.
[2018/6/4] [Re: m****] Final Cut EP7’s download link is still working. Please try again.
[2018/6/2] [Re: H****] Yes. Luckily, we have got that show when it was on-air. Raw for Tantei Monogatari SP will be ready in a few hours.
[2018/6/1] [Re: l***y] Thank you for your reporting. The file has been fixed.
[2018/6/1] [Re: M****] We’ll add all of the rest soon.
[2018/6/1] Due to unexpected high traffic of downloads, some files have been temporarily unavailable. We are on it to fix this ASAP.
*The problem has been fixed.
[2018/5/31] We’ve reached this month’s donation goal. Thank you all donators, Adfly is now disabled.
[2018/5/31] Other video qualities will be added one by one. Many thanks to Keiko for your suggestions. Under your permission, we’ll upload 480p as an additional choice using your raws on Nyaa and give you a credit.
[2018/5/27] We are upgrading the website and adding some video quality options like 480p and mHD 720p.
[2018/5/25] [Re: v****] Sorry for the delay. We’re going to release 1080p version instead of current 576p for Miss Devil so it may need a little time to be ready.
[2018/5/21] We’ve been busy for the last few days so the update progress was slow a bit. Everything should be OK now.
[2018/5/19] We’ve reached 50% of this month’s goal. To express our deep gratitude to all donators, we’ll upload Miss Sherlock soon.
[2018/5/18] [Re: J***r] To give a one-time donation, simply become a patron to pledge to us, then delete our pledge after we have been successfully charged. Thank you.
[2018/5/17] The survey is now closed. You can donate to us on Patreon. Thank you.
[2018/5/15] Latest announcement about donation campaign. Click here
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